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South City Park Remodel

August 16, 2013

This home is in a Denver neighborhood called South City Park. This area is constantly changing and the park is getting nicer and nicer. Restaurants are popping up and young families are moving in! City Park is a great part of town because of the old brick homes and young edgy vibe. We wanted our home to reflect that… Old, yet charming, renovated and modernized. Here is the result after years of work…

Hope you like it! See below for before and after photos.

Before-Front of the Home

Before-Front of the Home

Before-Back of House



Before-Window Nook and Living Room

Before-Window Nook and Living Room

Before-Living Room

Before-Living Room

Before-Dining Room

Before-Dining Room

Before-Kids Bath

Before-Kids Bath

Before-Master Bath

Before-Baby Room

Before-Boy Bedroom

Before-Master Bedroom

Dutch Colonial Style Home with new Redwood Porch

After-Dutch Colonial Style Home

After-Curb Appeal

After-New Redwood Porch

After-Back Yard

Kitchen Range Wall

Kitchen View from Living Room

Italian Slate with Stone Enhancer

Window Nook


Play Area and Window Nook

After-Living Room

Living Room

Built In Cabinet

Built In Cabinet

Dining w French Doors



After-Stair Runner

Kids’ Bathroom

Master Shower and Fireplace

Master Bath

After- nursery

After-after nursery then 3 year old Boy Room

Baby Girl Room

Master Bedroom


The Makings of a Classic Bath

February 14, 2012

Two posts in one day! I am really on it today (unlike the entire year!)

The Adams Street bathroom project is almost finished!  (So expect more pictures soon!) I started this bathroom design with these thoughts: how do I create a bathroom from a reading room, give it modern ammenities and keep the character of a 100 yr old home. Well, there are a lot of elements at play here.

Here is the before picture… Just a standard room that needs some work.

 So, the first thing I did was come up with the design. This is my basic floor plan.

I decided to keep the fireplace that was in the room and refinish the old mantel.  I may add a Victorian insert to dress it up (finances pending) I decided to make a nice roomy shower with a bench facing the fireplace with an overhead rain shower and handheld spray on the wall.  I chose a double vanity for much needed storage. I also had to move the door over to the center to make the design work. Now you can visually can see the vanity and fireplace upon entering.

Next I selected materials.   I chose honed Arabescato marble for it’s timeless appeal.  I’m a big fan of honed everything-it’s just soft and elegant. I also went with white subway tiles on the shower walls, because they are period appropriate, cheap, and mimic the brick pattern on the fireplace.  The shower pan is arabescato mosaics.

Lighting, mirrors, and plumbing fixtures were also a factor in the overall feel of the bathroom. I chose Pottery Barn’s Kensington pivot mirror in chrome. And for the lighting I went with some simples sconces I found at

The Master bathroom isn’t done, but here is a sneak preview of what is completed…  Double vanity wall, and shower tile (picture is of shower pan), paint.   I can’t wait to post the fireplace, windows, and shower when it’s complete.

Kids Wall Art

February 14, 2012

There are so many fun ideas of how to decorate a nursery. I personally love making paintings for my kids because it is something they will have or hopefully keep for a long time. I kept a framed embroidered ‘A’ that my mother made solely for that reason. It made me feel loved! So, with that said here are the paintings I made for my kids. (well kid, and baby on the way)! Click on the painting to see it larger. The colors are bright and the paintings a little abstract.  I wouldn’t put these in a busy room.  The walls in their rooms are mainly white and the floors are ebonized, so art and bedding are the main sources of color. If you’re not sure where to start… try looking at websites like etsy, land of nod, and piniterest for inspiration and then try it out!

Sugar and spice, sort of….

January 9, 2012

Just found out we’re having a girl! We currently have a toddler boy, Conrad, and decorating his nursery was so much fun. I’m planning out this one as well because it always takes longer than you think… and it’s fun!

I’m not much of a girly girl, but wanted to incorporate some pink. I found this great damask crib sheet and started there. I have 3 walls I plan on painting white and then the fourth is a sort of paneling so I thought I would paint that a pale blue.  Check out my collaboration so far! I know it seems fairly white, but once all the accessories and colorful touches are added I think it will feel light, fun, and modern.

Picture this!

August 9, 2011

Framing is no longer just for paintings and photographs! There are so many fun ways to decorate a space and make it personal. Here are a few inspiration pics to get the creative juices flowing…

Frame those fabrics. It instantly adds color and style to a space.  There are tons of discount fabric stores online and many will even send free samples.

Paint away! A stencil and some paint and you’ve got yourself a cool way to personalize a kid’s room.  But don’t just think stencil, have at it and create your own mural right on the wall.

Go team USA.  If clothes don’t fit anymore, why not frame your favorite tshirt or onesie. Soccer is a favorite sport in our home so we framed our toddler’s old soccer onesie and hung it on his door.  It’s fun and adds a pop of color to his space.

Or why frame anything and just let the frame speak for itself. Start with a neutral space and add color and style through a variety of frames in colors and textures. Gives an instant vintage/modern feel.

How about framing cards and small prints… What a clever way to make a clock.

Want more framing ideas, here are a few to consider for your space…

-frame photographs of places you’ve traveled and write the date/place on the matte

-frame nature-leaves, shells, twigs will do

-frame your kids art

-frame the walls as wainscotting

-frame placemats or even decorative plates

-frame heirloom jewerly or antique pieces like keys, spoons, etc. and forget the glass if its not flat enough

Have fun framing!

Kids Bath Remodel

August 5, 2011

When I first saw this bathroom I thought “Oooh this is gonna need a lot of work, and we don’t have a lot of money!”   My main objections with this remodel were to: create a gender neutral bath for kids (and not use beige), make it fun and whimsical-but not childish, and use original fixtures.

Anything is better than this photo, right! :0













And now the After pictures…
























I used Ann Sacks penny rounds tile and Daltile subway tile for the shower.  I Hung some medicine cabinets and a shelf (removed the old mirror and shelves). Then painted the walls and added base trim.






















I also found this great shadow box. Its a fun way to personalize the bathroom with pictures and items. It can be changed up easily with growing kids or the season!






















This is the other end of the bathroom. An additional medicine cabinet gives way for more storage and  creates another personal space within the small room.






















There wasn’t much room for towel rods in the bathroom, so I used letter hooks that I found at Anthropology.  These are great even if you have bath rods and just want a fun personalized robe hook!

Crafty Calendar

July 27, 2011

The online calendar just wasn’t working for me. I don’t like alarms or always being plugged into my phone/computer, so I opted for a wall calendar.  I got the Pottery Barn daily system and was excited to see that it was also magnetic.  Sweet! I’m a visual person and like to see my appointments, but wondered what I could do to help the look of the calendar and make it not so boring.  So, I thought about magnets that could apply to my daily life… I found these cool little cardboard letters and images at Michaels and went about making magnets.  So simple. Just need a glue gun, magnets and the cardboard pieces.

Now my plans pop out at me, which gets me excited. (As long as it’s not a dentist appointment) And I won’t forget an event!