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Room for Hope

June 6, 2011

Ironically after blogging about cool charities involving design work.   I was recently asked to run an organization called Room for Hope (  At first I was reluctant because it was uncharted territory… I wasn’ t sure how I was going to juggle contract jobs, a toddler, and a ministry.  But, I must say it has been absolutely amazing!  The basic gist is that we do room makeovers for inner city/underprivileged kids in Denver.  The transformations are cool, but more importantly we can give these kids a safe space and hope for the future.  That may sound silly, but its pretty heavy for a kid to worry about family, finances, or a recent family death.  I’m grateful to be able to give back.   

This Friday we have a room install for a little girl who is an aspiring veterinarian. She loves turquoise and light blue.  We decided to do a animal theme because of her passion.  Sounds easy enough right, but it’s for a “tween” and we need to make this room feel cool for years to come.  Here is a sneak preview of some of the new things going in her new room! Check back next week for before and after final reveal photos!


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