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South City Park Remodel

August 16, 2013

This home is in a Denver neighborhood called South City Park. This area is constantly changing and the park is getting nicer and nicer. Restaurants are popping up and young families are moving in! City Park is a great part of town because of the old brick homes and young edgy vibe. We wanted our home to reflect that… Old, yet charming, renovated and modernized. Here is the result after years of work…

Hope you like it! See below for before and after photos.

Before-Front of the Home

Before-Front of the Home

Before-Back of House



Before-Window Nook and Living Room

Before-Window Nook and Living Room

Before-Living Room

Before-Living Room

Before-Dining Room

Before-Dining Room

Before-Kids Bath

Before-Kids Bath

Before-Master Bath

Before-Baby Room

Before-Boy Bedroom

Before-Master Bedroom

Dutch Colonial Style Home with new Redwood Porch

After-Dutch Colonial Style Home

After-Curb Appeal

After-New Redwood Porch

After-Back Yard

Kitchen Range Wall

Kitchen View from Living Room

Italian Slate with Stone Enhancer

Window Nook


Play Area and Window Nook

After-Living Room

Living Room

Built In Cabinet

Built In Cabinet

Dining w French Doors



After-Stair Runner

Kids’ Bathroom

Master Shower and Fireplace

Master Bath

After- nursery

After-after nursery then 3 year old Boy Room

Baby Girl Room

Master Bedroom


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