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Room for Hope Reveal Pics!!

June 13, 2011

Yay! I must say the family was really excited to see Sarobi’s room. I wish I had the “before” pics! (Hopefully soon!-I don’t have them obviously, but can’t wait to show the difference)

First we took out her old queen bed and put in a new bedroom set with a twin bed.  That gave her so much room-enough to make a little desk for her and have a nightstand! We painted the room a fresh light blue, added a ceiling fan for ventilation, and even mounted a flatscreen on the wall!  I told her I wouldn’t be surprised if you find your brothers laying in your bed watching tv when you least expect it. They all agreed! Sarobi loves animals, so we added lots of animal accessories-stuffed animals, dog art, hanging monkey, birdcage clipboard, etc.  The Denver Zoo even donated tickets for the family! I hope Sarobi loves her new room!


Room for Hope

June 6, 2011

Ironically after blogging about cool charities involving design work.   I was recently asked to run an organization called Room for Hope (  At first I was reluctant because it was uncharted territory… I wasn’ t sure how I was going to juggle contract jobs, a toddler, and a ministry.  But, I must say it has been absolutely amazing!  The basic gist is that we do room makeovers for inner city/underprivileged kids in Denver.  The transformations are cool, but more importantly we can give these kids a safe space and hope for the future.  That may sound silly, but its pretty heavy for a kid to worry about family, finances, or a recent family death.  I’m grateful to be able to give back.   

This Friday we have a room install for a little girl who is an aspiring veterinarian. She loves turquoise and light blue.  We decided to do a animal theme because of her passion.  Sounds easy enough right, but it’s for a “tween” and we need to make this room feel cool for years to come.  Here is a sneak preview of some of the new things going in her new room! Check back next week for before and after final reveal photos!

An Apple a Day!

March 23, 2011

The first thing I do when throwing a party or staging a home is buy flowers and fruit! Why? Because these natural beauties add warmth and color to your home. There is something about natural elements that man has a hard time duplicating…. the smell, the delicacy, the vibrancy.  Take a closer look at those glossy magazine photos-there are always fresh flowers in the living room!  Sometimes that little pop of color can make you appreciate the other elements in the room more.   And if you’re not a big fruit person and can’t keep plants alive, then try a terrarium! These miniature green houses are simple, low fuss, and can showcase herbs or greenery. Here are a few pics from homes I have designed…  




This andalusian style kitchen is full of life with this fun encaustic backsplash and warm kitchen cabinets, but the pops of bright fruit add a “welcome to your kitchen” that other accessories just don’t do.   The red apples really bring out the cool feature of the Viking red knobs and the green apples make the kitchen feel fresh and current. 

Terrariums! I bought inexpensive vases from TJ Maxx and then went to my local nursery to find out which plants would work best in this light.  Now I have plants year round and I never have to water them! 








This beautiful arrangement I did not do; however, look how amazing fruit and flowers can be when combined together! A simple way to add instant color and style to your room.

Inspirational Design Works

March 16, 2011

I think that good design can affect your mood, productiveness, creativity, etc. So, shouldn’t everyone be able to live or work in a space that is functional and personable? Not just those with large wallets?  Here are a few inspirational design organizations that help the community and bring joy to many businesses and families!

Habitat for Humanity 

Design For Dignity

Special Spaces

I think there is such a need for all three of these organizations. I hope to start my own in the future! In the meantime, does anyone know of any local Denver organizations that do nonprofit design work. Let me know… I’d love to help out!

Spring Color Trends

March 2, 2011

It may not feel like Spring yet, but it’s just around the corner!  Spring to me is more than just cleaning out the basement. It means let’s bring new life to our home!  And for you that may mean a new paint color!  Turquoise was popular in 2010, but now think more muted blues and greens. Olive green will come back into the scene, but not olive green of the 70s.  Pair it with blue gray tones and you will love the fresh atmosphere that results! 









Or try these spring color combinations  for an energetic pop. I like that these aren’t what we  normally consider spring colors.  They feel  fun and feminine to me! (but still something you may convince your husband to like too) 🙂   This featured room pic shows how these colors can be combined to create a seductive vibe.  Love it!

Hello world!

February 28, 2011

This is my first posting!!

Yea for renovations! Since renovations are an affordable option right now as opposed to buying a new home. I thought I would begin by posting some before and after pics of a recent project.   The main challenge with this room was opening up the space between the kitchen and living. We tore down the wall (see cabinets on right side in before pic) and created a bar area. Major improvement! 

Here is a before picture…



  And now for the after pictures!!…














I chose natural, but modern looking materials because the home had many mid-century modern qualities. My goal was to enhance those but also bring the home up to date. So, I chose a Bianco Antiqua granite for the counters and had it honed- love that honed look, it seems so welcoming to me. The cabinets are a shaker style and the two down really adds a nice contrast.  The floors are a mix of two bona colors (my secret) and the backsplash is brickworks by Waterworks. (A surprisingly affordable tile)  Happy to say this home sold in 3 months!  

Full room shot-We had it staged with furniture, so it’s not exactly what I would have picked, but for this purpose….